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Dennis Fletcher, Founder
Dennis Fletcher has been both a midrange pioneer and leader in the midrange computing community for many years. As the principal in Fletcher Marketing Services, he began providing high-tech marketing services for the IBM midrange vendor community in 1985. His earlier business experience has included management organization, marketing, computer storage and high availability, as well as business communications. 


Since 1985, Fletcher Marketing Services has supported the IBM midrange community by providing marketing services to a long list of IBM Business Partners and ISVs. The company has provided strategic marketing, media relations, advertising and collateral support, including writing and editing services for firms that have grown from mere startups to multi-million dollar organizations.

Operating out of Lake Forest, California, Fletcher Marketing is located in Southern California's high-tech heartland where it is able to serve the needs of the many IBM Business Partners located in the Los Angeles and Orange County region, notably Key Information Systems (www.keyinfo.com) and inFORM Decisions (www.informdecisions.com)

The company has the experience, media contacts, and technical resources to tackle the marketing obstacles that companies can face in today's challenging recessionary period. Optimizing resources and stretching marketing dollars for maximum impact and lead generation is the cornerstone of the Fletcher Marketing business proposition.

At Fletcher Marketing, we seek to meet all of your marketing needs starting with planning a long-term strategy, creating annual marketing plans, developing advertising and publicity campaigns, organizing events, creating Web site content, and developing company literature and technical white papers.

Owned and operated for nearly 25 years by Dennis Fletcher, Fletcher Marketing Services has established a history of working with IBM Business Partners to achieve targeted results and specific advertising and publicity goals associated with new product launches and business expansion in competitive markets.

As Lalonde Consulting's principal said recently: "If you're looking for someone in marketing and PR that is easy to work with and delivers superior results on time at a reasonable price, don't hesitate—you can count on Dennis,"—Louis-Philippe Lalonde, Lalonde Consulting Services, March 12, 2009.

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